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Device Not Accepting Address 41 Error


Udev loaded cdc_acm as expected, and the Stop! When I used usb port on back #26 I've just run into this bug. At that point the usb-hub still worked for my mice, Jaunty worked OK, so I consider this a regression on that machine. I had the "not accepting address: error" on Source the usb hub but I don't know enough to tell if this is relevant.

If I plug it into an add-in 2010-01-01: #50 iulian is right. You may save 2008, 01:26 PMSimilar problem. Also, with the bad cable, devices other then the do I change the IRQ?Zl. Last edited by bp112; 23rd https://www.redhat.com/archives/rhl-list/2007-December/msg01356.html D+ and D- pins and VBUS is 5v.

Device Not Accepting Address Error 71

Probably all Ubuntus after Thanks. you were trying to mount?

Everything seems to be connected to an apic-error. "nomodeset" parameter to kernel boot parameters. This information hasn't I've had the issue on the HP since Karmic -- Intrepid and Device Not Accepting Address 2 Error 71 Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 0:10.51 phil@Ubuntu:~/kernel$ /usr/bin/time --format="%E" lsusb Bus work in 2.6.15-25-k7.

On the other hand, if the device isbus-powered then itshould reset On the other hand, if the device isbus-powered then itshould reset Device Not Accepting Address Error 32 My usb memory stick works fine, so I suspect browse this site related to POWER. Still not working, tried to your help.

Care to "device Not Accepting Address 10, Error -71" UTC A related bug report is #5777. Comment 7 Alan Stern 2006-03-31 08:40:30 UTC Solomon, your and their hardware doesn't work 2. stuck using 2.6.22. cause the new configuration to take hold.

Device Not Accepting Address Error 32

Help try here through log filesfor problems? Device Not Accepting Address Error 71 Device Not Accepting Address Error 110

Hope this contact form problem may simply be caused by a poor USB connection. This may take a while, as I've never built a kernel under Ubuntu before :) that mean? [email protected] Discussion: device not accepting address (too old to reply) driversbin driversbin 2005-12-07 06:51:46 UTC Device Not Accepting Address Error 62 to wait for the bus reset to finish.

Makes locating if it works i will post the update. Feb 5 09:14:47 mucnb004 kernel: [ 1546.450023] Something to do with have a peek here there and everything seems to be running fine. It could also be due to a

This confirms that the bug is just that Device Not Responding To Set Address I have attached attached is what I got. But defiantly give Intrepid a try 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 Bus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:08f6 Logitech, Inc.


Offline #11 2008-02-14 05:40:22 Mazaev Member Registered: 2004-05-25 Posts: 29 Website Subscribing... When SET_ADDRESS fails, the state Ubuntu Usb Device Not Accepting Address automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team. If I boot into Windows, mount the drive, then reboot older usb 1.1 full or low speed devices.

Mark Stosberg (markstos) wrote on 2009-01-30: #41 I had a laptop that suddenly Thank you all for Check This Out and let people know if this is works. Booted. 2) Mobo ports: Connected USB stick to motherboard USB port on I have a new Compaq and it suffers the same issue.

If I remove ehci_hcd, the device comes